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Roulette Set

The roulette home game sets here ONLY use high quality plastic wheels made in Taiwan. A few years ago, to our detriment at that time, we found cheaper alternatives we sourced from China were warped and created an unwanted bias that ruined the roulette game!

Furthermore, all our roulette sets for home include blank coloured chips that make determining player bets easier to manage than the majority of sets including only numbered chips that can lead to confusion or many arguments. In any case, when you need numbered tokens most people can borrow play money from another board game.
45cm Mahogany roulette wheel Set with  6 x 50 colour 4gm clay chips and 75 Twist 11.5gm valued chips45cm Mahogany roulette wheel Set with 6 x 50 colour 4gm clay chips and 75 Twist 11.5gm valued chips
Price: £349.00
Weight: 12.3kg
Stock:In stock
More Information
How to run a roulette game at home for family
Our roulette sets include a quantity of 6 different colour chips that are not printed with any value and we recommend assigning them a value of 1 so there’s no mistakes with difficult multiplications. Each different colour is issued to a different player so that it is easy to identify each individuals bet on the roulette layout. Note, if you expect more than 6 players you can buy up to 8 extra colour chips from us.

To begin with we’d recommend giving each player 20 colour chips and four 25 valued chips. At some point it is almost inevitable that all of the colour tokens used by a player will be won by that player. To avoid these limited quantity of coloured chips with the croupier from being exhausted winning bets can be made with suplimentary chips with numbers printed on them, called cash chips. These cash chips can used to exchange for more colour chips later on from future losing bets.

If more than one player starts to bet cash chips that all have the same colour so that the bets owner is less easy to determine it would be a good idea for them to put one of their colour chips with the common cash chips to help avoid arguments about who owns big winning cash chip bets. Each cash chip is the same colour and usually a has a more elegant pattern.

Players might also get low or run out of chips before the end time and want to carry on playing. Hence why they’re also given cash chips so when they are low on colour chips they can get more blanks from the bank.

You probably ought to set a maximum period of time to play. Then at the end time say there will be three more spins of the wheel so everyone can then strategise how to make their final bets to try and win by having the most valuable chips at the end. They might win a prize of some sort, it certainly gives more importance to the game.

There is a rare possibility that someone may bet and win using the largest cash chip you have and so the bank is unable to pay the winner and so that player has effectively busted the bank. You could try and avoi this by setting a maximum bet of say 25 on a single number but in our opinion this is not so much fun. Of course you can write IOU’s or find other tokens (monopoly money vouchers perhaps or make your own!) if do you want to go on forever.
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